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Purpose of the Parish School Forum

The Parish School Forum provides a structure to enable parents, teachers, students, school leaders and parish members to meet their ecclesial and educational responsibilities for partnership and community.


  1. enriching families through support and education in the religious and educational development of their children, so that they may more fully become 'domestic Church;'
  2. developing understanding and commitment to the parish school's Catholic identity and mission by all parish school community members;
  3. enhancing the communication and partnership between parish, school and family;
  4. collaborating with the Lismore Diocese Education Board;
  5. consulting all members of the parish school community in decisions affecting the ethos, culture and curriculum of parish school life.

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National Children's Book Week is a great reminder that books can deepen our understanding, sharpen our thinking but, most importantly, let our imaginations soar!  As part of our celebrations, we launched MHOC StoryTime, a special tribute from our staff to the joy of stories. Each Friday, for the remainder of the year, we'll be sharing a new story (and storyteller!) on all of our communication platforms. Enjoy!

Morris the Mole

Read by Mr Kolder

The Terrible Plop

Read by Mrs Hewitt

Do Not Open This

Read by Mrs Mears

Wombat Stew

Read by Mrs Ryan

Jasper McFlea

Read by Mrs Winter


Read by Mrs Watts

Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley

Read by Miss O'Brien


The Very Cranky Bear

Read by Mr Warnes

Pig The Pug

Read by Mrs Tones