All students are entitled to participate in and progress through the NSW curriculum. At MHOC, we provide adjustments to teaching, learning and assessment activities for some students with additional educational needs. This is done in accordance with the Disability Standards for Education 2005.

Accessing the curriculum

Students with additional education needs can access syllabus outcomes and content in a range of ways. They can do this with or without adjustments as appropriate.


Adjustments relate to teaching, learning and assessment. They enable a student with additional educational needs to access syllabus outcomes and content and show their achievement.

Collaborative curriculum planning

Curriculum options for a student with additional education needs should be appropriate for their individual learning needs and priorities and are developed as Personalised Plans. The Personalised Plans include adjustments to teaching, learning and assessment. Decisions around curriculum planning are made in conjunction with the student, their parent/carer, teachers and other significant individuals.

Assessment and reporting

Students with additional educational needs are provided with a range of opportunities to demonstrate achievement of syllabus outcomes in school-based assessment tasks, including exams.